Want to improve your energy & look good ,too? wish to relieve stress and improve sleep ? need help with your training regimen ?do you desire to improve your fitness & overall health ? want a health club where you can bring the kids ?

The kalpana fitness & physio care will support you in accomplishing these objectives & more . IN addition to a convenient location & a clean , well- maintained facility ,we offer a full range of equipment, classes , services & amenities –everything you need to meet & exceed you personal fitness goals.

  • On site physical therapy
  • Aerobics
  • Yoga
  • A women’s only area
  • Stick exercises for flexibility

About Us

At Kalpanafitness Gym we are dedicated to helping you achieve your fitness goals - whether you have decided you want to get in shape, train for a specific sport, boost your energy levels or even look you best for a special day!

Clean and mordern Equipments.

We pride ourselves in offering a wide selection of modern, safe and clean fitness equipment to meet all of your fitness needs. We are dedicated to helping you achieve your fitness goals. Exercise equipment is any apparatus or device used during physical activity to enhance the strength or conditioning effects of that exercise by providing either fixed or adjustable amounts of resistance.

Pillars of Fitness

We believe in transforming the fitness experience – rooted in training programs created with intelligence and innovatively designed to deliver lasting results, leaving our members feeling confident.

Based on five Pillars of Fitness, KALPANAFITNESS GYM provides you the tools to achieve maximum performance in all of your fitness endeavors.


Why Choose Us?

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  • Eco-friendly exercise
  • No contracts
  • Affordable prices
  • Constantly innovating
  • Constantly growing
  • Plenty of room to move
  • Round the clock fitness classes

BMI Calcutation

BMI is the Body Mass Index to calculate average weight of person right from age

Your Weight(kg):

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MORNING - 5.30 TO 12.00 AM (DAILY)

EVENING - 5.00 TO 8.00 PM (DAILY)





  • General packages
  • Slim packages for weight loss


  • YOGA


  • Improves overall health
  • Reduces stress
  • Tones muscles
  • Controls weight
  • Improves sleep
  • Enhances self-esteem
  • Lengthens potential life expectancy
  • Improves stamina and endurance
  • Increases body strength
  • May lower blood pressure

  • Supports mental sharpness
  • Slows effects of aging
  • Provides opportunity for social interaction
  • Maintains flexibility
  • Relieves muscle tension
  • Protects muscle groups by strengthening
  • Positively impacts depression
  • Burns calories
  • Improves appearance
  • Feels good …


Combine your fitness program with proper nutrition, regular medical check-ups and a positive attitude… and enjoy the results.

Motivation & Fitness

What is Fitness?

"Physical Fitness" Microsoft Encarta Reference Library 2004:

“the ability of the human body to function with vigor and alertness, without undue fatigue, and with ample energy to engage in leisure activities, and to meet physical stresses.”

Fitness is not about being thin, having a small waist, or having bulging muscles. It is a combination of qualities that enable us to be at our full potential in performing vigorous physical activities. Physical Fitness involves the performance of the heart, lungs, and the muscles of the body. Specifically, it takes into account our Cardio Respiratory Endurance, Muscular Strength, Muscular Endurance, and Flexibility. To some extent, Fitness also influences our mental and emotional development since what we do with our bodies also affects what we can do with our minds.

Although Physical Fitness and good health influences each other, they are not the same. Healthy people could be physically unfit due to lack of exercise. On the other hand, Physically Fit people perform their everyday tasks effortlessly.

Many individuals and families have resolved to get fit and stay fit more than once. Some start an exercise program and give up before reaching their goals, while others attain their milestones then quit. The excuses not to exercise run the gamut, from lack of time to lack of energy and from boredom to indifference.

Meanwhile, every day the media reports another story or statistic about America’s increased incidence of heart disease, high blood pressure, insomnia, obesity, diabetes related to weight, health problems from stress, etc.

So what’s the solution? How can you replace your short-term excuses with a long-term commitment to better health?

  • Make it fun - Find out what form of exercise interests you and start with that. As long as you’re moving and motivated, it initially doesn’t matter whether you’re taking an aerobics class or riding a stationary bike. Add some music, turn on the TV, or better yet invite a friend. Do what it takes to transform your exercise routine from obligation to recreation.
  • Pace yourself – First and foremost, be realistic. If you haven’t exercised in a while, be patient and slowly increase your workout time, repetitions and weights. It took a while to get out of shape, so don’t expect to correct it overnight.
  • Schedule your workouts – Determine your best time for exercise and then write it on your calendar as a personal commitment. Try mornings whenever possible. An early workout not only gives your day a positive start; it removes the tendency to cancel as a busy day unfolds.
  • Keep a log or journal – Write down your initial routine and record exercise activities thereafter. Be sure to note your personal accomplishments and milestones, be it weight lost or inches dropped. Some health clubs and gyms provide a log for this purpose, since proven progress provides motivation.
  • Educate yourself – Keep up-to-date on health trends, medical breakthroughs, fitness research and nutritional tips. Some clubs host educational classes and guest speakers, so ask about scheduled events.G
  • Avoid boredom – If you sense the onset of boredom, change your routine. Check out new offerings, explore a group fitness program, move outdoors or talk with fitness professional for other ideas.
  • Get regular medical exams – Not only do you need a physical before you start a new exercise routine; commit to return for annual check-ups. Do it for yourself and for your family.
  • Reward yourself – When you start seeing and feeling results, be your own cheerleader. Pamper yourself with a spa treatment, buy a new outfit or simply share your success with family and friends.

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